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Let’s talk about ‘detox’.

The human body has certain ways to deal with toxins and infections and in this column I would like to focus on nutritional ideas to support someone’s body that is going through a ‘detox’. The same protocol can be used when acutely ill due to other reasons.
Take note
Technically speaking your body is detoxing all the time and thus you should have the type of diet that supports this life-giving function ALL the time and not only at special times!
This article is also aimed at people going through withdrawal after drug addiction.
(It is advisable to plan the detox process with a medical professional and to verify the use of any nutritional and supplemental ideas with that person)

What to consume:

1) Firstly it’s important to mention that you should try not to stop eating altogether. The body needs energy to rid itself from toxins like drugs. I would strongly advise fluid substances like blended fruits which are powerful to aid the detox process.
2) The basis of your diet should otherwise consist of organic raw fruits and vegetables. This is anyway a good rule for life in general but will support you tremendously during the withdrawal period.
3) Steamed vegetables are a good choice for supper.
4) If you prefer to get your protein from animal products try to stick to fish and eggs but only do this after the first 3 days of your detox. It will be useful to use a vegetarian cook book to also learn how to combine vegetables to provide the whole spectrum of amino acids to your body especially for for the first 3 days.
5) Drink enough water: 6 – 8 glasses per day is the absolute minimum but you are probably going to need more while detoxing. An easy way of determining your hydration levels is to keep the colour of your urine light yellow to white. If your urine is dark yellow you’re at risk of dehydrating.
(Remember that certain vitamin supplements can turn your urine yellow as well)

What to avoid:

1) Alcohol
2) Smoking
3) Sugar
4) Caffeine

Supplements to consider:

1. Vitamin C buffered powder (Dosage is important)
2. a Good wide spectrum multivitamin and multimineral
3. Magnesium supplement daily supplying a dosage of 400mg magnesium daily.
4. Salmon oil or linseed oil daily:
5. Milk thistle extract: Assists the liver with detoxification. Take daily

Specific dosages will be dealt with in the mentoring programme

Other support in the months after the detox (Add this to the list above):

1. Digestive enzymes taken with 2 meals per day.
This can be done during the detox and for a 2 month period after.
For people detoxing from heroin and other drugs I would suggest a minimum period of 6 months or more.
2. Alpha Lipoic Acid: 150mg twice a day.
This can be done during the detox and for a 2 month period after.
For people detoxing from heroin and other drugs I would suggest a minimum period of a year following the detox.


Regular exercise is essential. 30 minutes a day for 5 days per week.

More intensive measures:

If you want to take your detox to another level it’s highly advisable to look at a course of chelation therapy (heavy metal detoxification) and ozone related colon flushes and ozone sauna units.

Contact us for a reference for these therapies.

Kind regards

Dr Anton


The information contained in this article is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other health care professional. Anyone who wishes to embark on this dietary or supplement protocol should first consult a qualified health care professional.

Copyright © 2009 Dr A Janse van Rensburg


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