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Holiday advice
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Holiday advice

Take a break

I really hope that most of my readers will be able to take time to relax and rejuvenate this holiday season. It is however the season of ‘fattening’ so here’s a few tips to avoid too many centimetres from mysteriously appearing around your waist!

Stay active Part of resting is to keep your muscles moving believe it or not! Try to go for walks every day and if you’re used to more exercise then don’t slow down too much so that the new-year can start on a higher note!
Sleep more Some of you may have picked up weight in this year because you had too much stress that you couldn’t deal with. Sleep 7 – 8 hours every night to bring down stress hormone.
Nap While you’re at it try to have short afternoon naps as regularly as possible.
Go prepared During the holiday you’re going to want to snack more so go prepared wherever you intend to spend this December. Make sure you have all the healthy snacks close by and that you don’t leave your food choices to chance!
Alcohol There’s nothing wrong with a drink or two every now and then but remember that this is the easiest way to consume kilojoules!
Large meals I know this may not be easy but try to avoid massive meals if you can. A single really large meal can cause havoc with your chemistry and leave you tired and depressed.
Oil holiday Remember that you should never go on a healthy oil holiday. Pack your extra virgin olive oil and take some salmon oil caps with. This will rejuvenate your mood!
Now for the big one! If you’re used to reading emails and staying in contact with your office via cell phone then maybe this holiday you should learn that all these devices have an OFF button! New research is now showing that people don’t rest if they keep themselves available all the time.

Enjoy the festive season

In health,

Dr Anton


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