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Diamonds in the dust

You can now buy your own copy of Diamonds in the dust!

I have linked up with a number of other professionals, all of whom have international reputations, to produce a unique book on how to cope in trying times called "Diamonds in the dust -- Crafting your future landscape"

The subjects covered in this unique collaboration are diverse and deal with topics that speak to many of the facets of what is necessary for individuals and businesses to be more able to deal constructively with the current global economic situation.

Cost: Retail R150 (Mentor programme members get a nice discount - check with Kerry for this)
Contact: Kerry at 082 3233 034

More about Diamonds in the dust

More about my chapter in this book

In the fast paced times we’re living in having resilience to daily stressors is more important than ever. Malnourished people though have much less resilience and this is where my work comes in. As a medical doctor I use a practical approach to deal with chronic diseases especially when it relates to mood and emotions! In Diamonds in the dust I share my 'anxiety/stress/mood' protocol which I've used successfully in numerous patients. Enjoy!

About the other authors

Annie Greeff -- Personal Resilience
Annie is a past President of the Professional Speakers Association of Southern Africa (PSASA), author of a number of books and trainer and speaker of note and writes about "Personal resilience " -- a topic that is vital to assisting your staff to achieve their full potential in the work place today and in life in general and which also has immediate relevance to staff that you may need to let go in response to current conditions.

Marlene Ward -- Personal Empowerment
Marlene is a Toastmasters International Golden Gavel speaker of thirty years standing who speaks and trains internationally on a regular basis and who has just been elected President of the Johannesburg Chapter of the PSASA, she writes on "Empowerment" based on decades of experience in the field building on long experience with one of the leading multinationals which applies these principles. This topic is vital if you are to support your staff to deliver maximum value in the context of the current business climate and, again, contains vital insights to be used in assisting staff who have to be released to respond constructively to the situation.

Dr Fritz Holscher and Sharon Olivier -- Inter-Cultural Intelligence -- Managing Polarities
Fritz and Sharon write about "Inter-Cultural Intelligence" and other facets of understanding the dynamics of different cultures around the world and within South Africa. They demonstrate the polarities that exist as a consequence of different cultural paradigms and give practical insight into how to respond constructively to these differences in a manner that mobilizes harmonious cooperation in place of conflict.

Dr James Robertson -- Unlocking IT Value Today
James writes on "Unlocking IT value today" -- what you can do to get more value out of your current IT investment.

Paul du Toit -- Mindset Shifting
Paul, also a past President of the PSASA and one of only two Certified Speaking Professionals in South Africa (certification issued by the National Speakers Association of the USA), writes on "Mindset Shifting " which includes practical guidance on understanding how paradigms or mindsets are formed and what is required to shift them.


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