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Dr Antons trial
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Ask Dr Anton
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Dr Antons trial
Dr Antons trial

Iím doing a trial for my Masterís in nutrition and I need people who would like to take part.

Youíll be getting a very thorough nutritional assessment out of your participation which includes a standardised food questionnaire to determine adequacy of plant based diet, spectroscopic vitamin A testing of your skin and blood sample vitamin A fraction testing. After this you will have a very good idea if youíre eating enough fruits and vegetables!

I start at 16h00 on Wednesday the 14th of April at the Karoo Cattle and Land restaurant in Parkview shopping centre Garsfontein drive. (Right next to Pretoria East hospital)

Please let me know if you can come and if you qualify taking the exclusion criteria into account below.


Dr Anton

Exclusions for trial
1) Smokers: Any form of current smoking will result in exclusion from the study. People who have stopped smoking will have to have done so more than 3 months prior to the study
2) Alcohol consumption: People who consume moderate to heavy amounts of alcohol (10g or more per day) will be excluded. Ten grams or more of alcohol is typically found in one beer, one glass of wine or one drink of liquor.
3) Underlying chronic disease: Individuals with active underlying diseases like cancer will be excluded from the study.
4) Body weight: Individuals with a BMI of over 30 will be excluded from the study. (Formula for BMI = Weight/length≤)
5) Use of antibiotics: Individuals who are on a current course of antibiotics.
6) Use of oral contraceptives
7) Use of carotenoid containing supplements.
8) If daily sunlight exposure exceeds 3 hours.

For any further advice/directions/info please phone my assistant at 073 443 7178


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