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Weight loss
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Ask Dr Anton
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I have gained a lot of weight!


From Feb to May Iíve been through a stressful period in my life and I have gained weight from a size 34 to a size 44. I had my cholesterol, sugar and thyroids checked and that came back clear. This is depressing to me and I am now at a point where I do not want to hear about diets. What else can be wrong? I also had a severe viral illness in May and have been trying to eat properly but with no effect on my weight, what now!

Dr Anton:

I can understand that youíre probably fed up at this stage but there are a few checks you have to make to ensure that youíre trying everything. Itís clear to me that youíve been under much strain and that youíre probably an emotional eater because of the stress You must remember that your body can only produce fat cells from another energy source which in most cases is a high intake of refined carbohydrate foods like bread, pastries and sweets. Besides the obvious downside of picking up weight very easily these foods are accredited for being the cause of many serious illnesses like diabetes and heart disease and itís a very good idea to change whatís in your food cupboards.

Stress: Ongoing stress increases cortisol hormone in your body which interferes with growth hormone secretion which in turn causes you to struggle to lose weight, so yes, you will find that itís hard to shake the kilograms.

In summary here are some pointers:

  • You should try to have about 6 small meals a day. A meal could be one portion of fruit and a slice of rye bread.
  • No dairy in diet: Replace all milk, cheese, yoghurt
  • No wheat products: Use rye and other substitutes
  • No sugar
  • Eat low Glycemic index starches right through the day. If you eat these healthy carbs you can also use them at night in small portions
  • The basis of the diet should be raw fruits and vegetables
  • Drink 6-8 glasses of purified water daily
  • Keep sweet treats limited to the weekends and to dark chocolates if possible
  • NEVER have a sweets cupboard in the house! Replace treats with dried fruit, raw nuts, raisins and dates


    1. This is VERY important because it will help you to relax
    2. 20 minutes of cardiovascular exercise 3-4 times a week is the minimum
    3. 20 minutes of brisk walking is a very good idea

    Never get hungry:

    1. This may sound strange but very hungry people tend to eat irresponsibly.
    2. Thus make sure you eat regularly enough using food that you intended to eat like fresh and dried fruits, vegetables and healthy snacks like raw nuts and dried fruit.

    Read my anxiety protocol that I wrote for people who are getting married. You may not be getting married but the principles are the same on how to help your body relax.

    All of the best

    Dr Anton

    I'll be dealing with issues like weight loss at length in the mentoring programme

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