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Level 2 approach - Toxins
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Level 2 approach - Toxins to avoid

No damaged fat!

This is very important even for people who do not suffer from HIV.
Damaged fats are formed when weak oils like sunflower, soya, cottonseed and canola are heated to cook food. Because these oils are not strong enough to handle the heating process dangerous chemicals are formed that suppress the immune system
Damaged fats are also found in potato chips, most refined foods, french fries, vetkoek, koesisters, most snack biscuits eg salti cracks, provita etc, some breads, soups and sauces in packets.
Another form of damaged fat is hydrogenated oils and they occur in many refined and processed foods. Learn to read product labels to avoid these toxic oils.

Avoid preservatives, colourants, chemicals

These are found in crisps, most salted snack biscuits, some breads, soups and sauces in packets, sweets, cold drinks and most refined, processed foods.
A basic rule is that food needs to go bad in a few days for it not to contain any weird chemical. But even then you should just read the label if there is one

Avoid too much salt
Studies have shown that due to the fact that salt occurs in so many processed foods the average person gets way to much salt causing conditions like hypertension later in life.

Avoid sugar and any other refined carbohydrates

These occur in pasta, white bread, pizza, white rice, refined white maize.
Sugar is an immune suppressant and should be avoided. (
See why I say this in the colds and flu protocol and the article on sugar on this website)


Smoking holds numerous dangerous for the human body including decreased immunity, susceptibility to respiratory tract infections and several types of cancer.
People living with HIV should definitely not be smoking and smokers who live with PLWA’s should have the decency to smoke outdoors away from the person with HIV.


Alcohol is an immune supressant. You'll be better of avoiding it all together.


Caffeine destroys certain micronutrients in the body and can cause an individual to be more anxious which is no good for the immune system.


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