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Water purifiers
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Water purifiers
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Water purifiers

I've decided to partner with a new water purification system company called 'Aqua Vie'.
The reason I selected this company is because I've been using one of their systems with great success for nearly 4 years now. What makes the deal even sweeter is that they keep a log book of when my system needs servicing at which times they contact me to say they will come out to service it. Thus I know the water stays at a high quality!

Mentoring programme members pay 7,5% less than the general public so when you contact aqua vie make sure to have your username ready!

Something about Aqua vie

Aqua Vie is the first South African Company to develop and manufacture its own Water Purification Systems, specifically adapted to meet the challenges of the South African market. Aqua Vie is constantly researching the needs of the South African user, from the most sophisticated to the most basic, with the mission of producing cost-effective, technologically advanced, innovative and aesthetically pleasing water treatment systems which provide improved drinking and working water to promote good health and vitality to improve quality of life.

Aqua Vie is the first South African Company to invest in the local development and manufacture of a wide range of components for domestic Water Purification Systems to reduce dependance on imports, reduce costs and minimize the impact of exchange rate variations.
Some of these components are world leaders, putting Aqua Vie ahead of all other manufacturers and suppliers of water purification systems.

Price list (remember to deduct 7,5% if you're a mentoring programme member)

To access this great offer contact Aqua vie at (012) 807 2588
Fax: (012) 807 0849


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