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Disease prevention tips
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HIV and nutrition
HIV nutrition and science
Level 1 approach
Level 2 approach - Toxins
Level 3a approach - Micronutrients
Level 3b approach - more micronutrients
Level 4a approach - supplements
Level 4b approach - more supplements
Dealing with infections
HIV general statistics
Disease prevention tips
HIV stats for children
Basic disease prevention tips

Here are some basic guidelines to decrease your chances of falling ill.

Drink adequate amounts of water daily. (6 8 glasses of clean water per day)
Don't spend too much time in air conditioned environments (cars/rooms)
Wash your hands regularly
Learn not to touch your face with your hands (Disease causing bacteria is passed from people to you and from your hands to your mouth)
Exercise regularly (Rather do this more frequently than with high intensity)
Maintain a healthy sleep pattern
Learn to manage stress in your life


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