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HIV stats for children
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HIV stats for children
HIV stats for children

The figures on this page are from the joint report by UNAIDS and UNICEF regarding the impact of AIDS on the children of the world.
If you want to read the full article click on the link below

Unaids website

Statistics for children with AIDS 2005

There are 1800 new HIV infections per day in children under 15. This is mostly from mother to child transmission.

1400 children die daily of AIDS related illness.

Approximately 6000 young people aged 15 - 24 are newly infected with HIV on a daily basis.

After more than 20 years:

Less than 10% of pregnant woman are being offered services to prevent transmission of HIV to their infants.

Less than 10% of the children who have been orphaned or made vulnerable because of AIDS receive public support or services.

Less than one third of young woman aged 15 - 24 in sub-Saharan Africa fully understand how to avoid the disease.

Global statistics:

Children <15yrs infected with HIV in 2004

CEE/CIS 1,800
Eastern and Southern Africa 360,000
West and Central Africa 200,000
South Asia 42,400
Latin America & Caribbean 12,900
East Asia & the Pacific 12,700
Middle east and North Africa 9,100
High income countries <200

CEE/CIS (Central & Eastern European countries and Commonwealth of Independant States)

Children <15yrs that died of AIDS in 2004

CEE/CIS 1,100
Eastern and Southern Africa 90,000
West and Central Africa 160,000
South Asia 30,300
Latin America & Caribbean 11,300
East Asia & the Pacific 9,100
Middle east and North Africa 5,600
High income countries <300


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