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Vitamin C
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I get sick quite often. I read that you should take 3000mg of Vit C if you feel the start of an infection. Only problem is that I get a skin rash on my chest everytime I take Vit C. I have taken Scorbex and another type I used in the UK. What now?

Dr Anton:

You're on the right track using Vitamin C the moment you feel an infection coming but maybe you're using the wrong type of Vitamin C. I would suggest you try buffered Vitamin C in the form of Calcium Ascorbate which has a much milder effect on your body whilst still being bad news for viruses. Your dosage is also very low believe it or not! I've used Vitamin C in dosages of 5000mg, four times a day, on myself and many of my patients with great success and without any adverse effect. NOTE: Some people do show allergic reactions to some supplements, Vitamin C included. Thus I would suggest you try small amounts of the Calcium Ascorbate and gradually increase the dosage until you feel comfortable to take the full dosage

Protocol approach

Read my article on preventing winter illnesses and you’ll see that the best approach remains using more than one natural remedy combined with the right dietary approach. In the case of colds and flu there are several things to take into account so go and check out the protocol.

Kind regards

Dr Anton

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