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Give your child an allergy break!
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The truth about probiotics
Give your child an allergy break!
Give your child an allergy break!

Over the last 50 years allergies have become an increasing problem. This problem is aggravated due to the average person not having a healthy level of intestinal bacteria.

So here’s a tip:
If you take a good probiotic during pregnancy and while breastfeeding you reduce your child’s chance of being allergic!
In one study it was found that the incidence of eczema in children was reduced by as much as 50% in the group where the mothers were taking a probiotic!

Remember though to take the right probiotic!

Click here to read my article on the recommended probiotic strains.

In the mentoring programme I elaborate on why babies delivered by caesarean section are more at risk to develop allergies and what you can do to prevent that!

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