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Level 3a approach - Micronutrients
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Level 3a approach - Micronutrients

A little goes a long way!

The reality is that most people living with HIV do not have the finances to afford many expensive supplements and are thus left with the cheapest multinutrient preparations available.
This is definitely NOT a problem in the light of research that was done in Bangkok that determined that even a 'cheap' multivitamin can decrease mortality and improve quality of life in PLWA.
So even if you can only afford a cheap multivitamin it's still a good idea to use it.
NOTE:Some fairly cheap multinutrients in South Africa do contain the recommended daily allowance for vitamins AND minerals for an adult. Make sure you read the label before buying it.

Read Bangkok trial abstract

Let food be your medicine..

Step 1 with infections like HIV is definitely to follow healthy nutritional guidelines as noted on our website under 'level 1 approach'
Another way of boosting your body is with fortified food products as with fortified maize and soya blends and other 'wholefood' products.

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Although these fortified products are slightly more expensive than basic multivitamins the combination of oils, carbohydrates, proteins with the micronutrients, is highly beneficial for increased absorption whilst the product also takes care of basic nutritional needs.


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