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Attack of the Superbugs

It is with great frustration that I’ve been following the reports in the news and on shows like Carte Blanche about ‘superbugs’ and the nightmare that society is facing in the light of multi-drug resistant pathogens lurking around every corner. The reason for my frustration is simple - the public is not being told the whole story!

What I mean by ‘the whole story’ is that all these reports make you believe that antibiotics are the last and only resort against bacteria and viruses (pathogens) and when we’ve exhausted these options mankind is doomed.

I can tell you today with great confidence that antibiotics are definitely not the last line of defense!

I say this in the light of experience regarding diseases that I’ve had the privilege to help cure over the last three years with treatment modalities like oral and intravenous Vitamin C, Olive leaf extract, propolis extract, colostrum and many other treatment options that have a very solid scientific foundation.

I’ve used these natural therapies on their own most of the time but sometimes very effectively in conjunction with certain antibiotics when necessary.

The following facts are also important:

  • Antibiotics kill bacteria and not viruses. 90% of Upper Respiratory Tract infections (URTI’s) in the USA are caused by viruses.
  • 73% of these URTI’s are treated by prescribed antibiotics that will not kill the viruses (official USA statistic).
  • Natural therapies like Vitamin C and Olive Leaf extract, to name only two, kill bacteria AND viruses.
  • Natural therapies like Vitamin C facilitates the body to react offensively to the bacteria and viruses and thus these pathogens CANNOT build up resistance to vitamin C like they do to antibiotics.

We definitely have to ask ourselves the question why these natural virus and bacteria killers aren’t being prescribed as first line defense or as support to antibiotics to treat serious multi drug resistant diseases?

It is difficult to say everything in one email but I would like the reader to become more informed about the amazing weapons that are available to fight against infections. These amazing weapons are not only scientific but also easily accessible and user friendly!

The following handy recipes and protocols can be viewed free of charge on the website:

Infection-fighter tea recipe

Winter disease protocol using Vitamin C, Olive leaf extract and Colostrum


The information contained in this email is not intended to replace the attention or advice of a physician or other health care professional. Anyone who wishes to embark on any dietary, drug, exercise, or other lifestyle change that is intended to prevent or treat a specific disease should first consult a qualified health care professional.

The information in this treatment approach is only as current as the day it was initially sent.

This treatment approach contains information that is subject to change as new data emerge.
This suggested treatment regimen cannot guarantee a cure for the disease or condition that it focuses on.


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