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Sick and tired of allergies


I have bad allergies and get sinusitis at least once to twice every year. Nothing seems to help this and I donít know why supplements would help?

Dr Anton:

In my practical experience I have been privileged to see several people get rid of allergies and the related problems. One of the biggest problems with health care today in that people are given medication but no dietary or lifestyle changes are advised.

The first step in beating allergies is to eliminate allergens from your diet. Allergens are foods that cause the allergies in the first place, like dairy products as the prime example. Then you should combine these changes with good scientifically worked out supplements that balance the immune system and provide natural antibiotic cover against infections. See the protocol section of the website to read more about natural disease prevention

See colds and flu protocol

Dr Anton will be dealing in detail about colds and flu prevention in the mentor programme.

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