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HIV general statistics
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HIV general statistics

This page contains some of the most recent global statistics on the AIDS pandemic.
Most of the figures were obtained through UNAIDS and the WHO.

For more complete information go to the UNAIDS website

World HIV statistics:

There is an estimated number of 39,4 million people living with HIV worldwide.

During 2004 an estimated 4,9 million people became newly infected with HIV. Of this number 640 000 were children below the age of 15.

3,1 million people died of AIDS in 2004 of which more than 500 000 were children.

Most people who are infected with HIV are unaware of the fact that they're infected.

Distribution of HIV globally

Sub-Saharan Africa 25.4 million
South/South-East Asia 7.1 million
Latin America 1.7 million
Eastern Europe/Central Asia 1.4 million
East Asia 1.1 million
North America 1.0 million
Western/Central Europe 610,000
North Africa/Middle East 540,000
Caribbean 440,000
Oceania 35,000

People newly infected with HIV in 2004:

Sub-Saharan Africa 3.1 million
South/South-East Asia 890,000
Latin America 240,000
Eastern Europe/Central Asia 210,000
East Asia 1.1 million 290,000
North America 44,000
Western/Central Europe 21,000
North Africa/Middle East 92,000
Caribbean 53,000
Oceania 5,000


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